What is Happiness?

I have spent a lot of time chasing “happiness”. I was never sure at any point whether I found it or not but when I believed I had, I allowed myself to fall back into a state of contentment only to find out later it was not what I was looking for.

In essence, I spent a lot of time-wasting time looking for something to make me happy to spend my time.

Everyone, including myself, seems to believe that happiness is something that can be obtained through artificial means. Money, love, or drugs/alcohol are just a few that come to mind but there are many more.

We believe that happiness is something we deserve and something we should have all the time. The problem with that and anything else for that matter is that something you experience all the time becomes normal. If something becomes normal, you need more of that to be happy because happiness isn’t necessarily normal.

So, what is happiness? Of course, that depends greatly on your life and interests but here are my thoughts.

I think happiness is something we experience momentarily, it’s a treat we get when the conditions are right.

For instance, I work all week, pay bills, I’m not unhappy, it is just normal.

My suggestion is to understand happiness isn’t a condition you are supposed to experience constantly.

The media (entertainment) has some people thinking it is, and those are the people who wind up taking medication or doing something else destructive that releases the chemicals that trigger the feeling of happiness.

Try to recognize what you have, enjoy the security of your life now, and accept the reward of happiness when it comes.

Happiness is just the carrot on the stick that keeps you doing the things you need to do.