Want to Write for The Village Prepper?

Are you a prepper, survivalist or enjoy the outdoors and bushcraft?

Do you love to write and produce articles that are fun and informative?

Would you like to publish a guest article on The Village Prepper?

I don’t pay guest writers but if the splendor of publication and some links back to your site is enough and you want to share your thoughts and skills with our readers, here’s what you need to know.

What Kind of Guest Article am I Looking For?

There are hundreds of prepper and survivalist blogs out there. All the sites are sharing similar information so that is why I want to stand out above the rest. I want to be unique and present information in a practical, fun and informative way.

So, here is what I am looking for:

  • Your article MUST be unique to The Village Prepper. I DO NOT republish articles in part or whole.
  • Your guest post should be insanely informative
  • Your guest post should SELL a point or idea
  • Your guest post should not be cookie cutter
  • Your guest post should be built around a competitive keyword
  • Your guest post should be relevant to our readers
  • Your post should be about a topic that’s relevant to our audience
    • Prepping
    • Food and Water Storage
    • Survival
    • SHTF situations
    • TEOTWAWKI Situations
    • How to’s related to Prepping and Survival
    • Bushcraft outdoor skills

So, in short, your voice and the depth of information you provide to me is key.

If I love your idea, I’ll be looking for guest articles that follow these guidelines. Be aware, I might request a few edits before I am ready to publish your article on our site.

  • At least 1,500 words
  • Up to 2 links to your site
  • Include relevant links to other sites if necessary
  • A short bio about yourself
  • If you have photos, they must be high-resolution. If you don’t have a photo or featured image, I can source copyright free stock photos to add to your article.

If you have an idea, I’d like to hear from you. Use the form below to send me a message and your pitch.

Please note that I will try to limit edits to your post as much as possible, but I reserve the right to make changes to fit the tone, voice, or narrative flow of your post to fit our site. Whenever possible I will ask you for edits before I make our own changes. I also reserve the right to add affiliate links.

NOTE:  if you’re looking for do-follow links back to a for-profit business, this is not for you.  This opportunity is for bloggers, writers, and regular folks only.