The Village Prepper’s Big List of Survival and Prepper Fiction

I am a huge fan of prepper fiction even before there was an Audible. I have a shelf full of prepper and survival novels that were somewhat the beginning of my “prepping career.”

These books will make you think of scenarios and possibilities that you may have never thought about before. From economic collapse, pandemics or an EMP, there is no way we could predict what would actually happen.

Learn as you Enjoy Some Prepper Fiction

Fortunately, we have creative minds in our midst that write excellent, thought-provoking books on the subjects. They give a pretty good idea of what could happen in an SHTF situation.

I have learned a lot from these books and in many instances, it has changed my outlook on prepping in general. I realize that an SHTF situation is completely possible and the outcome will not be pretty.

Listening to these books caused me to step up my preps drastically, especially after reading A. American’s Survivalist Series.

But I found myself in a tug of war for time to set aside for reading.

Then Came Audible

If you are stretched for time or just don’t have the attention span (like me) to make time to sit down and read, Audible is your answer.

I listen at night while trying to sleep, I listen on the way to and from work and I listen to them while writing these articles.

You could say, I am addicted to Audible. Below is a great starter list, yes, I said starter list, for anyone wanting to build their prepper library and learn some things in the process.

Right now, Audible is offering a free trial period with TWO FREE BOOKS for new members. I recommend you try this, and I promise you won’t be sorry. If you find you don’t like it, you can cancel anytime in your first 30 days.

The Village Prepper Surival Fiction List

Going Home Series – A. American (This is a great book to start with, Narrated by Duke Fontaine – review here)

One Second After – William R. Forstchen (This is the book that got it all started for me)

The Stand – Steven King (Extremely well narrated and entertaining)

Last Stand Series – William H. Weber (One of the best on the list)

299 Days Series – Glen Tate
77 Days in September Series – Ray Gorham
A Distant Eden Series – Lloyd Tackitt
Alas, Babylon – Pat Frank
American Reset Series – Mark Goodwin
Apocalypse Drift – Joe Nobody
Blackout Series – Bobby Akart
Borrowed World Series – Franklin Horton
Boston Brahman Series – Bobby Akart
Cry Havoc – A. American
Dark New World Series – Henry Gene Foster
Days of Elijah – Mark Goodwin
Days of Noah – Mark Goodwin
Devil Dog Series – Boyd Craven
Disruption Series – R.E. McDermott
Earth Abides – George R. Stewart
EMP Blackout Series – Emerson Hawk
EMP: Equipping Modern Patriots – Jonathan Hollerman
Enemies Trilogy – Matthew Bracken
Fall of America Series – W.R. Benton
Fractured State – Steven Konkoly
Grid Down Series – Bruce Hemming
Holding Their Own – Joe Nobody
Invasion America Series – Vaughn Heppner
Jeremy’s Run – G.F. Gustav
Joe Anderson Series – Paul Andrulis
Long Road Series – G. Michael Hopf
Lucifer’s Hammer – Larry Niven
New America – Richard Stephenson
Patriot Dawn Series – Max (Velocity) Alexander
Patriot Series – James Wesley Rawles
Perseid Collapse – Steven Konkoly
Secession Series – Joe Nobody
Seven Cows Ugly and Gaunt – Mark Goodwin
Strengthen What Remains – Kyle Pratt
Survivalist Series – Arthur T. Bradley
Swan Song – Robert McCammon
The Last Tribe – Brad Manuel
Through Many Fires – Kyle Pratt
Traveler Series – Tom Abrahams
United States of Apocalypse – Mark Tufo
Wolves – D.J. Molles
World Burns Series – Boyd Craven
Wrath Series – Sean T. Smith

This book isn’t prepper fiction, but it is about prepping. It has a lot of great info on how to prep and how to get started.

Start Prepping!: Get Prepared – for Life: A 10-Step Path to Emergency Preparedness so You Can Survive Any Disaster – By Tim Young

This is just a starter list, there are many more titles available on Audible. Anything from prepper fiction to how-to books can be found all in one place, Audible. You have nothing to lose! Try it out today.