REVIEW – Going Home the Survivalist Series by A. American

I Love Survival Fiction

I am a big fan of SHTF fiction and I have quite a library. From how-to books to our favorite apocalyptic fiction, but you will find in our library a special volume of books by A. American titled Going Home the Survivalist Series. As of this writing, the series has a total of 10 books in the collection and is available in paperback, Kindle, and Audible. I started not knowing where or if it would end, but I found I couldn’t put it down!

10 Books in the Going Home the Survivalist Series by A. American Series

Title Book/Kindle/Audible
Going Home View
Surviving Home View
Escaping Home View
Forsaking Home View
Resurrecting Home View
Enforcing Home View
Avenging Home View
Home Invasion View
Conflicted Home View
Home Coming View

The Going Home the Survivalist Series Main Character

Emergency Essentials

The book follows a fellow prepper Morgan Carter who is caught away from home when an EMP hits the nation. Morgan is forced to walk home in an ever-escalating hostile America. With each day he finds himself dealing with a new problem and solving in only a way Morgan can. Morgan meets friends along the way that stay with him throughout the series and builds a trust only lifelong friends can have.

The book series takes place in Morgan’s home state of Florida and deals with situations he faces there including the heat, humidity, and rain to name a few. Morgan is a well-read prepper and his knowledge of survival techniques pays off throughout the book. The series takes us from the initial EMP attack through several other encounters with DHS, hunger, and just plain wicked people. The antagonist in this novel seems to be the federal government lead by the DHS while the military stays mostly intact.

SHTF Survival Fiction Must Read for any Prepper

This series is a MUST READ for any true prepper. Not only is it entertaining, but there is also a lot of useful knowledge to be gained from A. American’s own prepper knowledge. A. American does a fantastic job of building the characters and by the second or third book, you can almost picture yourself there with the crew surviving the aftermath.

Building Character in the Going Home the Survivalist Series

From Morgan, Sarge, Jen, and Thad you can really relate to their personalities and end up feeling like you have known them forever. Their interaction with each other will keep you rooting for them throughout. The books solidify the fact that in any SHTF situation your family, friends, and neighbors are the ones you will rely on. The Survivalist Series demonstrates true community where relationships are built and function on trust.

The author does a fantastic job of leaping back and forth through the groups and keeps you in the story simultaneously. This really becomes evident after the four-character groups in the first book, split up to get home to their families.

I Don’t Nit Pick

In the first couple of books, the author seems to take discussing the equipment Morgan is carrying to an extreme. He carefully details each make and model of his gear down to the holster he is using. Now, this tended to sound like a commercial at first, but A. American described in an interview that he received numerous requests as to what equipment the characters were using so he included them in the book. Fair enough.

Some reviews also mention the spelling of some words and their pronunciation, this seems to be an attempt to create a draw you may find in that region. I didn’t find anything wrong with the way A. American wrote for the characters and I think it added to their personalities positively.

SHTF Fiction Audio Book for the Experience

Although the series comes in three different formats, if you really want an experience, I recommend the Audible version. Narrated by Duke Fontaine, you can really become addicted to the story and you look forward to the next installment. Duke does a great job of creating a “voice“ for the characters and each becomes their own. I especially like what Duke did for Sarge, thanks, Duke!


Overall, this is an extremely entertaining read and even when the plot seems to thin a bit, it doesn’t take long, and the next big thing takes you on another ride. It’s thought-provoking and may open your eyes to some aspect of prepping you didn’t realize existed. So, if you are looking to add to your prepper library, I very much suggest this series. But remember, in an EMP attack, only the paperback will be of any use!