Coronavirus, MSM and Fearmongering!

Well, here we are again. Seems every couple of years a new virus threatens to end humanity. COVID19 (Coronavirus) is no different. The Mainstream Media (MSM) insists on pushing this to a point that is affecting the markets and people’s lives. The virus is not our problem the MSM is and as with most issues that affect our country, the MSM has become our worst enemy.

We are hearing reports of supermarket shelves void of daily essentials such as toilet paper, bottled water, rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer, and even canned goods and rice. Most of us who consider ourselves preppers, have been stocking and rotating these goods for years for just such an event.

When I first started prepping, this is not the scenario that was at the top of my list. Disease, zombies, deadly viruses, natural disasters, personal SHTF situations, or terrorism, maybe. But this one is a complete meltdown from within fueled by fear from those that don’t know crap about what they are talking about.

Here we are in an election year and the MSM is out for blood. They will stop at nothing to destroy what has been our President’s biggest accomplishment, the economy. Spreading fear within the public over a virus that has been proven to be less deadly than the common flu.

Now, I am not a medical doctor and don’t claim to know everything about the Coronavirus, but I do tend to listen to those that know and the MSM is not one of them.

I hope you all are taking precautions and continuing to prep for all situations. But don’t let the MSM distract you from reality. It isn’t the Coronavirus that we need to worry about as much as the unaware sheeple that will take us down with their overblown panic.

Keep doing what you’re doing but be vigilant until this all blows over. The fact is, there is more to this than a virus. So, how much pain are we going to inflict on ourselves before reality sets in?