Alternate Ways to Power Your BaoFeng Two Way Radio

What are You Going to do When Your Battery Won’t Charge Anymore?

So, the grid goes down, but fortunately, you are prepared and have adequate solar power or a generator. You have prepared for a power outage the best you can and stored backup fuel for your generator.

But what if the battery in your BaoFeng burns up or won’t charge anymore? That battery is a proprietary model and you can’t just go down to the store and pick up a new one.

What are you going to do? Thankfully, there are a couple of ways to power your BaoFeng Two Way Radio when your battery goes kaput. Backup communication is a must in an SHTF situation and powering these devices is paramount to our survival.

2 Ways to Charge Your BaoFeng Radio in a Grid Down Situation if the Batteries are Good

  1. Generator – If you have a generator, you can connect directly to the 110 receptacles and use the standard charger that comes with the BaoFeng kit. Just like you would in your home, this is a great option if you have it.
  2. Large Solar Power System – If you have solar power such as a solar array and a battery bank you can do the same thing mentioned above regarding the generator. Moreover, a  big congratulation goes with this investment, a solar array and battery bank is a big step that many preppers would love to have!

A lot of preppers have access to a generator and a few have a large solar source of backup power.

But, what if you live in an apartment or somewhere where a generator would give you away? What if you are in an area where there is just no room for a solar array?

Moreover, what if the situation is worse, you are caught away from home or had to bug out at the last minute? You are going to need a way to charge your essential small electronics and that method has to be efficient and easily carried with your other gear.

Here are a couple of options for that very situation. The options below focus around the BaoFeng Two Way Radio but it can apply to other electronics as well.

Charging Your BaoFeng Radio When You are Not at Home

  1. If Your Battery is Still Good – Carry a backpacking solar charger and the BaoFeng USB Power Cable. This is a great combination and can be used for other electronics as well.
    • Only get the cable, you already have the base of the unit for charging when you purchased the BaoFeng kit.
    • This option is a bit pricier than the second choice below but has more options for charging other electronics.
  2. If Your Battery is Bad – Carry an extra battery pack that uses AA batteries such as the BaoFeng BL-5 AA Battery Pack for the BF-F8HP, UV-5X3, and UV-5R Radios. The difference between this option is that is can only be used with the BaoFeng radios. It doesn’t have any dual uses as the solar charger method does.
    • It takes typical AA batteries that can be found anywhere.
    • AA batteries are common and can be used in other electronics.
    • UPDATE: You can use 6 AA NiMh/ NiCd rechargeable cells (1.2V) OR 5 AA Alkaline cells (1.5V) and 1 dummy AA which is included in the battery pack kit.

Powering our vital electronics in a grid-down situation is always a concern for a prepper and these few affordable options can make it much easier. The great thing about this option is that it’s easily carried in BOB or GHB.

BaoFeng BF-F8HP 8-Watt Dual Band Two-Way Radio –

BaoFeng UV-5R Dual Band Two Way Radio –

BTECH USB Programming Cable for BaoFeng Radio –

BaoFeng BL-5 AA Battery Pack BF-F8HP, UV-5X3, and UV-5R Radios –

BaoFeng USB Power USB Cable for Charger –