A Look at The Village Prepper’s Library of SHTF Books

A Look at The Village Prepper's Library of SHTF Books
A Look at The Village Prepper’s Library of SHTF Books

A lot of us have gigabytes full of prepper and survival information. We have more information stored on our laptops than we could ever read.

We keep it in case we need it in an emergency situation. But what happens when the SHTF and you need that data.

What if that SHTF situation is an EMP?

What if the SHTF situation becomes long-term and you have no way to recharge your electronics?

Why do I Need a Prepper Library?

I think a prepper library has been underrated and seldom talked about yet… so important that it could someday save your life.

Having a hard copy of prepper and survival information isn’t only useful when the SHTF but any time there is an issue and you need to reference that information. If the power goes out or the internet is down, you will be glad you invested in this important prep!

Prepper Library Should Include Important Books

I have about 25 or so books in my library from foraging, medical, first aid, bushcraft, and survival and I am always adding on.

In the video, I highlight some of my favorite books as well as the categories that I think need to be immediately addressed.

  • Medical
  • Food
  • Survival
  • Bushcraft
  • Food Storage and Preservation
  • Tree, plant and wildlife identification

Prepper Library Should Include Printed Material That’s Hard to Find in Books

Anther great way to store hard copies of important information is by printing it out and placing it in labeled three-ring binders.

There is a lot of information out there on the web that will come in extremely handy in an SHTF situation.

Information such as how much bleach to add to long-term water storage or ingredients in your favorite recipes can’t always be found in books you can purchase. Print’em punch’em and store’em.

Prepper Library in Digital Format

If you are storing prepper information on your hard drive like I am, you must keep backups.

I can’t stress this enough and don’t ask me how I know!

You can get an external hard drive for very little investment these days, so I suggest you get a couple. Redundant backups are important.

You might even keep one in a faraday cage just in case we get hit with and EMP or CME.

What’s in the Prepper Library Video?

In this video, I go over some of the books in my library and the reasons that I think it is so important to keep a hard copy of survival and how-tos in case you don’t have access to electronics.

I intentionally keep my library small and each book serves a purpose. I am a big fan of redundancy but even though it is a last resort, bugging out is a possibility. Therefore, I want to be able to carry as much information as I can with me.

Hope you enjoy this video and it motivates you to start collecting hard copies of SHTF books.

Resources from the video:

If you have all the hard copies of prepper information you need, then why don’t you check out my list of prepper fiction!